Scum of the Earth

On the heels of the Wendy’s chili with extra finger incident, we’ve got Clarence Stowers, who drove through at a custard (custard? must be a Southern thing) joint and got a pint of chocolate custard with a little additional protein. Unlike the Wendy’s case, where the victim appears to have surreptitiously added the finger herself after buying the chili, a worker at Kohl’s Custard actually lost the finger in some of the custard-making machinery. In the confusion following the injury the custard with the finger in it was inadvertantly sold to Stowers.

Stowers is understandably outraged when he finds an extra digit in his custard, and he returns to the store with the finger to complain. Here’s where the story gets really ugly–according to the doctors treating the worker, they could have at least attempted to reattach the finger at that time, but Stowers wouldn’t give it up, declaring that “he would be calling the TV stations and an attorney as he exited the store”. What’d he think–that after reattaching the finger, Kohl’s would be able to say “what are you talking about? All of our workers have all their fingers” when he sued them later?

The proper response upon hearing that a worker at the store lost the finger and it might be reattachable is “we’ll work out my compensation for a disgusting experience with your product later, but for now, I drive faster than you, so tell me what hospital he’s at.” Jesus, some people really make me sick. [via boingboing]

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