Mexico. Ron Mexico.

There have been some additional developments in JesusH’s coverage of the Ron Mexico affair. Right after posting on Mexico here on April 7, I dropped by the Atlanta Falcons website and visited their customized jersey page. Just for the hell of it, I tried to order a customized jersey with the name “Ron Mexico” and Michael Vick’s number 7 on it. Since we were a couple of days behind the bleeding edge on the Mexico story, as the Mexico lawsuit was filed on March 14 and the Smoking Gun story on Mexico was first published on April 5, I figured the NFL’s cutting-edge naughty words filter would have been updated to include Mexico on a #7 Falcons jersey, at least. But that didn’t happen–the site happily displayed my Ron Mexico jersey preview and allowed me to add it to my cart.

The Falcons store’s preview of my Ron Mexico jersey.

(Incidently, I chose to use both Mexico’s first and last names because I thought the jersey would be easily confused by most people as representing Mexico’s national team if I just used “Mexico”. If there’s one thing I like to avoid, it’s confusion.)

There was nothing especially noteworthy about any of this–and fellow smartasses had already done the customized jersey gag previously. But I’m not aware of any of these other guys putting their money where their smart mouths are and actually placing their order, which I went ahead and did. In case you haven’t bought an official customized NFL jersey lately, I can tell you that by doing this I also added myself to Jay Leno’s “More Money Than Brains” club at the same time.

I kept expecting to get a “your order has been cancelled” email from the NFL about the jersey. They just couldn’t actually allow this item to be created, could they? Last week, I saw this story about the Ron Mexico moniker being added to the NFL’s naughty words filter:

McCarthy said “only a handful” of orders for the Mexico jerseys had been placed, and none were sold. Anyone who placed an order for the jersey will receive an e-mail letting them know the order has been canceled and their money will be refunded.

A few “Ron Mexico” T-shirts have popped up on eBay, though none of the NFL’s licensed replica jerseys have been sold or posted for sale on the Internet auction site.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got home on Friday and this was waiting for me.

My crappy camera phone’s impression of my actual Ron Mexico jersey.

As far as I can tell, McCarthy is pretty close to correct–a perusal of ebay’s Ron Mexico auctions finds a bunch of garbage like the crap you can buy at this guy’s cafepress store. But for some reason, my order made it through. Am I the only owner of an official Ron Mexico #7 Falcons jersey? One of just a few? Only time will tell, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

I love my Ron Mexico jersey. It’s my new most favorite item of clothing ever. But I have to admit, I do wonder how much a properly-designed and promoted ebay auction for what might just be the only official Ron Mexico #7 Falcons jersey in the universe could net me.

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  1. Sure, sure. It’s not like you’d ever actually sell it, but you’d definitely want to know how much its worth for insurance purposes.

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