Weekend Update


* so I guess I can’t call the Patriots the most beatable undefeated team I’ve ever seen anymore. The 2007 Patriots were the ’06 Chargers with a little more offense, a little less defense, a lot more luck, and an even more pathetic lack of clutch when it really counted. Nice job wiping my brain of that one, Eli.

Also, has anyone else noticed the play the Patriots–and Tom Brady in particular–have gotten over on Drudge Report this year? He was linking to recaps–along with Brady headshots–ever since they made it to 8-0 or thereabouts, and he linked a half-assed “Is Brady best QB ever?” article some time this week. Has Drudge ever taken this much interest in a sports figure or story that didn’t really have an element of OJ to it?

I’m suspicious of Brady mancrush.

* the World’s Best Lasagna recipe is pretty good. I made it today, we had a few people over, and I ended up with a raging red wine headache. Thank God the wife has a ready supply of Percocet… I feel like a new man!

One note on the recipe: for some reason I had a bowl full of meat sauce when I was done. Either I got the layering wrong (possible; I didn’t think it was spelled out all that clearly) in the recipe, or one should use way more than 1 1/2 cups of sauce for each sauce layer.

* new photo of Alex… I need to turn his site into a blog.

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  1. Over the first half of the season, New England was more dominant than any team I’ve ever heard of. But over the second half they were merely really good. I looked at the games scores after you mentioned luck and you’re right. During the regular season, New England was 4-0 in game decided by less than a touchdown. San Diego last year was 2-2. A few breaks last year and it could have been the Chargers marching toward history.

    I had a great time at your place on Sunday. We should do that again soon. Special thanks to Alba for telling me that Barq’s has caffeine. I didn’t believe it but google doesn’t lie.

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